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Some of the most popular items that we clean at Highland Cleaners are dress shirts. When you want to look as professional as possible, you need to have not just a clean shirt, but also an impeccably pressed one. Starching will make clothes crisper and stiffer, so that the fabric will hold a crease and look polished. Starch also helps to repel sweat, dirt, and spills. Our laundry starch service will ensure that your shirts are spotless and look professional and impressive every day.

We separate out our starched clothing, so our starch service team can give each garment the attention it deserves. Depending on your preferences, we can use as little or as much starch as you would like. Some people prefer that their shirts have creases in the sleeves, and others like their collars to be extra stiff. No matter what your preference, we will take the time to guarantee that your items are prepared to your exact specifications and with the appropriate amount of starch.

Leather and suede garments are especially difficult to clean because you cannot use traditional methods without causing significant damage. Many dry cleaners either refuse to clean these items or send them offsite to a specialist at an extra charge to the customer. Our in-house leather starch service will gladly take care of your leather and suede items. We use starch to absorb stains, while maintaining the integrity of your delicate suede and leather. This is an effective and environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

If you are interested in learning more about clothing starching service in Macon, GA, pay us a visit at Highland Cleaners.

Our staff can show you examples of starched and unstarched items and will give you more details about the starching and pressing process.

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